My roles for this project spanned from pre-production through final delivery. While planning this spot, I helped developed a system for shooting the multiple setups required for the final composite. From there, we went to LA to shoot on a stage where I provided on set VFX supervision and data acquisition. Once we got the footage back to NYC, I led a small team to  build out the digital sets, key and roto the footage, while I took to tracking and stabilization of the selected takes. With a track in place, the camera was run through the digital sets. Using data collected on set, Lighting and Rendering was fairly painless before going to composite. All composite and VFX were handled by me within After Effects.

PrePro & On-set VFX Supervision, Tracking/Stabilizaton, VFX & Compositing: John Earle
Set Design & Modeling: Ben Yonda (
3D Lighting & Rendering: John Earle & Kyle Anderson
Created at & Directed by LoyalKaspar (


Check out the raw footage below: