My role for this was Visual Effects Supervisor / Lead Compositor. I worked closely with the directors from pre-production (story boarding, location scouting, shot planning) to production (on-set/on-location supervision, data acquisition) through post-production (lead team of compositors and 3D artists, RED workflow, etc). It was a smooth project that I am proud to be a part of.

Produced At Digital Kitchen NY
Directors: Bryce Wymer, Rama Allen, and Ryan Mckenna
Editorial: Ryan Mckenna
Producer: Jon Hassell
Executive Producer: Abbe Daniel
Head of Production: Gabriel Marquez
Line Producer: Jon Messner
Director of Photography: Shawn Kim
Wardrobe: Mark Holmes
Production Designer: Kai Lee
Visual Effects Supervisor / Lead Compositor: John Earle
Compositors: Dan DeGloria, Danny Koenig, Michael Queen
3D: Justin Zurrow, John Kalagian, Gavin Guerra, John Earle
Rotoscope Artists: David Marte, Alejandro Monzon
Color Artists: Damien Van Der Cruyssen (The Mill NY)
Client: Harmonix

Music: “Break on Through” The Doors
Sound Design: Expat Labs (

Check out the case study, edited by Ryan McKenna: