This is the compositors cut of The History of Light, created for TED Conference audiences. Directed by m ss ng p eces, we travel through time to witness the role lighting has played in our lives through out the centuries.

Stop-motion paper worlds created by Po-Town Pictures brought this piece to life. My roles were as visual effects supervisor and compositor. I worked on set through out shooting, advising shot setups and managing data. From there all sequences were brought back to John Earle, Inc sudios for post production. Working closely with director, Josh Nussbaum, we added secondary camera moves, refined the edit and added additional animation. Compositing was quite elaborate even though many scenes were 100% in camera. We shot everything at multiple exposures in order take full advantage of the qualities of lighting in each scene. I was then able to extract the desired elements from any of the exposures to achieve the final look. Overall a great project to work on with wonderful results.

DIRECTED BY: Josh Nussbaum
EXEC PRODUCER : Ari Kuschnir
ILLUSTRATIONS BY: Dave Franzese – Dark Igloo
WRITTEN BY: Josh Nussbaum
STORY BY: Scott Thrift
PRODUCER: Michael Eder
DP: Ivan Abel
ANIMATOR: Abbey Luck
GAFFER: Michael Yetter
KEY BRIP Meno Payne
EDITED BY: Adam Mclelland
ART: Bianca Siu Davies, Colette Fu, Will Pike, Nathalia Murray
MUSIC & SOUND DESIGN: Explosion Robinson

m ss ng p eces
Po-Town Pictures